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Department of Physics and Astronomy
Mississippi State University
(NSF award numbers 9950569 and 0231217)

Two-Slit Photon Waves Lenses and Mirrors Photoelectric Effect Eye Reflection Refraction
RR Waves 2 Media RR Waves 3 Media Planar Waveguide Polarization Scattering Fabry Perot
Michelson Interferometer Fraunhofer N-Slit Grating Fraunhofer Rayleigh Resolution Fresnel Circular Aperature Fresnel Single Slit Laser

WebTOP is a 3D interactive computer graphics system that simulates and visualizes optical phenomena. Instructors can use it to help teach optics and waves, and students can use it to help them learn about optics and waves. Each WebTOP mdoule is scriptable, i.e. the user can record a session and replay it at a later time

There are two versions of WebTOP. WebTOP 5.0 is the older, VRML version of WebTOP. It can be run either over the web, or be downloaded and run locally. However, it requires the use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer(IE) web browser, the installation of the Blaxxun Contact plug-in to IE, and the use of the Microsoft Virtual Machine. Since the Microsoft Virtual Machine is no longer necessarily supported by Windows operating systems, we recommend that new users use WebTOP 6.0 instead of version 5.0. More information about WebTOP 5.0 is available here and in the items menu on the left.

WebTOP 6.0 is the new, X3D version of WebTOP. It currently has thirteen modules, and three more are under development. It is a platform-independent, Java application that the user downloads (from here) and runs locally on his computer. The only requirement for running WebTOP 6.0 is that the user's computer has a fairly recent version of Java installed on it. More information about WebTOP 6.0 is available here and in the items menu on the left. WebTOP 6.0 is an open source project.

New! WebTOP 6.0 Image Library
Download the entire WebTOP 6.0 image library.