Downloading and Installing
the WebTOP 5.0 Recording Feature

WebTOP 5.0 allows you to record your interaction with the 3-D simulation and save it for later playback. The default set-up allows to save the interaction to the computer RAM. These recordings are not accessible after you close the browser or after you run another simulation. To save a permanent copy of the session you need to download and run the Windows installation file (0.4MB). Press run to install the library.

The installation creates a WebTOP folder in your "c:\webtop\" directory, places three java archive files in this folder and adds these files to the CLASSPATH environment variable of your computer. Note that no other files should be put into this directory! Use only the files downloadable from this page. Complete installation depends on the Windows version you are using:

Windows NT/ME/XP: You should log on as an administrator then run the installation. It should work after a reboot. 

Windows 9x: You need to add the following line to your c:\autoexec.bat file:

@SET CLASSPATH=c:\webtop\wsl_trustlib.jar;c:\webtop\parser.jar;%CLASSPATH%

then restart your computer.

WebTOP 6.0 does not require a procedure like this in order for its scripting feature to work