Still pictures from the Geometrical Optics TOP module

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In the images below, an object (five point sources in the shape of a "tee") is outside the focal point of a converging lens. The images depict the scanning of an observation screen from a position close to object to the position for which the observation screen coincides with the image plane.

In the three sets of images below, a teapot object is imaged on an observation screen for three different orientations of the teapot.

Geometrical Optics - Scene 1

Geometrical Optics - Observation Screen 1

Geometrical Optics - Scene 2

Geometrical Optics - Observation Screen 2

Geometrical Optics - Scene 3

Geometrical Optics - Observation Screen 3

Created by Srihari Angaluri and Kiril Vidimce
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