Troubleshooting WebTOP 5.0


Installed Blaxxun, it looks like the scene loads properly, but WebTOP does not work

If the Java Console in your browser is enabled, go back to the Welcome to WebTOP page. From the View menu, choose Java Console. It should report the following error:

java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError: vrml/external/field/EventOutObserver.

The problem is that the Blaxxun plugin we use likes the Microsoft virtual machine, not the Sun one. The Blaxxun plug-in is not fully compatible with the Sun VM. We expect a compatible version soon. In the mean time, when running WebTOP, please use the MS VM. The following is a link to a PDF file that describes the method to use to switch between virtual machines (PDF file 210 Kbytes, will open in a new window; use the right mouse click if you prefer to download it.)

Script I have recorded have stopped from working

Any WSL script which you have recorded and which no longer works may be the victim of a change in the module; you may send such scripts to one of the contact addresses at (the contact page), a functional script will be sent back to you.

The scene does not show up.

The Blaxxun plugin might have not installed properly. The Blaxxun web site offers a trouble shooting section. Click on this link to view the site.